A Local Green New Deal

Beginning a decade of climate action and community resilience right here in Yolo County

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How Will We Respond to the Crisis?

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has informed us that we have 10 years to prevent total climate catastrophe. We must not panic and implement short-sighted and ineffective solutions, but we must act now, act accordingly and ask the right questions that will address the root causes and drivers of climate change, and how we can begin the transition!

At the same time we are dealing with a social crisis of affordable housing, houselessness, and vast inequality in our economic systems. These problems are not separate but part of the same extractive principles which have led us to this current moment.

But there is much hope at the same time. We are getting examples from all around the world about how we can live beyond-sustainably and we have the potential to do something wonderful here.

I invite you to join this campaign to build a community-wide collaborative effort and make Yolo County a model for climate-resilient and equitable communities everywhere.

What’s Under the Surface?

The Local Green New Deal is an open-source platform. Interested collaborators are invited to reach out, collaborate, borrow, steal, tinker, modify, and become empowered to be part of achieving this co-creative vision for a more beautiful world, ecologically healthful, and resilient communities.

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